Bettina Richards, the boss

In honor of Equal Pay Day (thanks for the reminder, SparkleBliss!), I thought it might be fun to throw a spotlight on some awesome business women who work in the music industry and are doing their part to close the gender gap. Any women who wanna smash the capitalist-based business model altogther are also welcome.

The lady I’m gonna champion today is Bettina Richards, founder of Thrill Jockey Records. Richards used to be an A and R rep for Atlantic Records, but jumped ship, taking a huge paycut in 1992 for the sake of equitable treatment and quality product. She founded Thrill Jockey, an indie label stalwart that boasts some of my favorite acts, including OOIOO, High Places, and The Sea and Cake. Seriously, I’d totally move to Chicago just to hang out in her office.

But Richards is just one example. There are so many smart, kind, socially responsible women making it happen in the work force. Feel free to post the ladies you want to celebrate today.

They don’t have to be in the music biz, either. This is open to any business woman. For example, big ups to my friends Catherine, co-owner of Austin Handmade, and Sandie, who works as the Marketing Communications Writer and Account Manager at UT’s McCombs School of Business, serves as editorial director of Latinitas, and will be attending Wake Forest’s MBA program next fall.

More importantly, though, make sure you also call or e-mail your Senator and lobby for equal pay!

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