Kristen Stewart’s new hair

Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett

Have we all seen Kristen Stewart’s new haircut? I for one love it. Some people have been hatin’ on her new ‘do on the Interwebz. And, really, c’mon.

1. Stewart’s playing Joan Jett. During her time in the Runaways. In the mid-1970s. This was what her hair looked like. It’s kinda still what her hair looks like. Further, this is what a lot of girls’ hair looked like in 1975, including other members of the Runaways. I hope Dakota Fanning also got her hair cut to play lead singer Cherie Currie.

The Runaways; from left to right: Joan Jett, Sandy West, Cherie Currie, Vickie Blue, Lita Ford

The Runaways; from left to right: Joan Jett, Sandy West, Cherie Currie, Vickie Blue, Lita Ford

2. I like Kristen Stewart. She was great in Adventureland and she seems to have a relaxed attitude toward her role as Bella in Twilight — perhaps playing Bella Swan is one for them and playing Joan Jett is one for her.
2A. I also like to think when Stewart was offered the part, she asked “Do I get to cut my hair?”
3. Sure, you could throw a wig on Kristen, but she looks hot. Not hot despite the mullet. Hot with the mullet.

Also, I can’t help but read some queer panic in some folks’ disapproval of the haircut alongside Joan Jett’s queer identity. Take Popcrunch. In addition to including an unflattering photo when they posted the news, they made an effort to contrast Joan Jett’s mullet, which they don’t like, alongside Bella Swan’s damsel mane, which they hope Stewart will return to once the movie wraps.

And while I have some music nerd doubts about the Runaways biopic, I’m heartened because a) few music biopics are about female artists, b) those that exist tend to be about (self-destructive) solo artists and not about bands, c) even fewer tend to be about teenage girls in bands, d) Joan Jett is a feminist dykon, e) Stewart and Fanning are around the same ages as Jett and Currie, and f) the movie marks the screenwriting and directorial debut of Floria Sigismondi, a female music video director who got her start working with Marilyn Manson and shot one of my favorite Christina Aguilera clips.

So, kudos to you, the living legend you’re portraying, and your present company, Kristen. If you wanna keep your mullet after the movie wraps, I support you 110%.


  1. k

    great post a! at first i was nervous about kristen stewart being cast as joan jett. twilight was a disaster pile – and highly regressive in terms of girls’ sexual agency and empowerment. however, after reading your thoughts on adventureland and seeing how stewart embraced joan jett’s look (which yes i love!) – i’m anticipating the runaways biopic more and more. especially after reading this news item in which stewart met with joan jett and notes that there’s more riding on this biopic than just creating an “authentic” portrayal – stewart notes that the movie is about telling a “an incredibly triumphant feminist story.” yeah that’s right she drops the f-bomb!!!

  2. feministmusicgeek

    Woo hoo! Thanks for sending the MTV News item. It warms my lil heart.

    So exciting that Kristen Stewart dropped the f-bomb. I like her more and more. Maybe we’ll be seeing her in Bust/Bitch/Venus some time soon — maybe in a photo shoot with Joan Jett!

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  7. Lyzz

    I agree. I really liked this movie. Kristen was great as Joan Jett. She played the part very well. And Dakota was pretty good as Cherie Currie. I actually just got home from seeing it an came out presently surprised. It’s a good piece of rock n roll history, plus Joan Jett co-produced it!

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