Nite Jewel on Stones Throw

I was about ten feet away from Ramona Gonzalez's microphone when this picture was taken -- Nite Jewel sign with Stones Throw; image courtesy of

Peanut Butter Wolf announced earlier today that Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez, with friends) are now signed to his label Stones Throw, which will release the forthcoming Nite-Funk. This is very exciting news to me for a few reasons. 

1. I really liked last year’s Good Morning, Nite Jewel’s self-released debut. I didn’t hear a lot of buzz on her beyond the Dusted review my partner forwarded to me because he knows how I feel about funky ladies with synthesizers. But I really enjoyed the set I saw at Ms. Bea’s during SXSW last year.  

2. It’s been pretty hard to get a hold of Good Morning without buying it online. That means I’ll get to buy the new album in the record store. It also might mean that previous releases might be more readily available, though I’m not sure if Stones Throw will be doing any kind of distribution deal with Italians Do It Better, which released some of Nite Jewel’s singles.

3. Nite Jewel is an interesting addition to Stones Throw, which is one of my favorite record labels. The label is most closely associated with underground hip hop (see also: Wolf, J Dilla, Oh No, the ever-prolific Madlib in his various incarnations). But has expanded to include a diverse range of artists ranging from retro soul outfits like Mayer Hawthorne and the County and synth-funk artists like former Austinite James Pants and Dâm-Funk, who introduced Gonzalez to her L.A. neighbor Wolf.

This is very exciting news. I like what I’m hearing and can’t wait for the sounds we’re all about to hear.


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