Collaborative Relationships: PJ Harvey and Maria Mochnacz

On Tuesday, I wrote about the cover of PJ Harvey’s Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, which photographer/video director Maria Mochnacz designed. As Mochnacz has been working with Harvey since the start of her recording career I thought, “oh right, why don’t I devote a post to outlining their work together?” So that’s what this is. As I couldn’t find all of the clips she directed for Harvey, you should refer to this section of Mochnacz’s Web site. Below are the clips I could find on YouTube. Unfortunately, “A Perfect Day Elise” from Is This Desire? was not one of them.


“Sheela na Gig”


“C’mon Billy”
To Bring You My Love

“Is That All There Is?” (cover of the Peggy Lee standard)
Basquiat OST

“Who The Fuck?”
Uh Huh Her

“Desperate Kingdom of Love”
Uh Huh Her

“The Letter”
Uh Huh Her

“The Piano”
White Chalk

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