Why we should care about Suburban Lawns

My new old favorite band, Suburban Lawns; image courtesy of breakthruradio.com

So, my friend Curran just told me about this Long Beach-based post-punk band from the early 80s. Apparently they were set to be something of a bigger deal than they ended up becoming. They had a recording contract with I.R.S. Records, who were also home to West Coasties The Go-Gos. Jonathan Demme directed the music video for their single “Gidget Goes to Hell,” which played on Saturday Night Live and later cast lead singer Sue McLane (alias Su Tissue) in Something Wild.

But while I’m sad that I didn’t know about them until today, I’m glad I know about them now. I think you should too. I’m pretty in love with the following clip that Curran sent me, which is of the band performing their song “Janitor” for a TV appearance. Note Tissue’s awkward unperformance performance, the weird voices she affects seemingly at random, and that the song’s main lyric is about mistaking someone saying “I’m a janitor” with “Oh, my genitals.” Are you in love yet?


  1. Kathy

    Thanks for those. I love odd, unheralded punk or new wave bands from that era. I think I might possibly have “Gidget Goes To Hell” on a comp somewhere. It sounds too familiar.

    • Alyx Vesey

      It does for me too, though I’m not sure from where. If you ever find that comp lying around somewhere, I’d love to see the track list. There might be some more unheralded punk/new wave bands to treasure. 🙂

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