Homoscope and Katastrophe

Last Sunday, I met up with my friend Curran at United States Art Authority to attend Homoscope, an international queer arts festival. The first portion of the event was a screening of a variety of short films. Two titles I could find on the YouTube  include Dino Dinco’s El Abuelo and the music video for The Hungry Hearts’ “In Your Face-The International Lesbian Anthem.” 

Other noteworthy offerings included: 

Lares Feliciano’s Push On, about two women who meet by chance on the side of the road.

Vince Mascoli’s Dear Dad, Love Maria, an animated meditation on a transitioning MTF confronting her father’s scorn.

Jonesy’s Poised and in the Throes, a collage piece featuring male pin-ups and Jeanne Moreau’s “Each Man Kills the Things He Loves.”

Gina Carducci and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore’s All That Sheltering Emptiness, which documents a New York City call boy’s experiences.

Christeene’s “Tears From My Pussy” music video, which was directed by PJ Raval and edited by my friend Masashi, who runs the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

I stayed for some of the second half of the festival before carting myself off to bed in anticipation of another work week, which meant I regretably missed Chainbow. But I’m glad I stuck around for Katastrophe, a San Francisco-based rapper whose flow and charismatic personality reminded me a little of Themselves‘ MC Doseone. Many of Katastrophe’s songs address depression, confront transphobia, or focus on the mundane details of daily life, but take to these topics with humor.

From left: Katastrophe, with Original Plumbing editor-in-chief Amos Mac; image courtesy of villagevoice.com

In addition, Katastrophe also helps publish Original Plumbing, a quarterly devoted to trans men. I picked up issue #4 at the show and have been poring over profiles on a baker, a stunt man, drag performers, and a business professional. In short, Katastrophe’s efforts and worth both a look and a listen.

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