Good on you, Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson; image courtesy of

Last week, Kristen at Act Your Age tipped me off to a news item about British actress Emma Thompson is putting together a concept album addressing human trafficking. I don’t have much to add but did want to acknowledge the upcoming album here.

Though I have reservations, I applaud Thompson’s efforts to use her stature and largesse toward bringing awareness. I also get the sense from Thompson’s prolonged commitment that this plays differently than most celebrities’ political causes, which can often be completely self-serving. I’m also curious what Just Enough For the Real World will sound like, who was involved, what Thompson brought to it artistically, what the collaborations will bring about, and what insights we can gather from the songs. More importantly, I hope the proceeds from this project–combined with other global efforts–conclusively eradicate this and all forms of coersive human oppression.

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