Songs for snow days

So, we’re having a “snow day” in Austin. I know some friends are always like “seriously?” when the city shuts down for half an inch of fast-melting snow, but I also like a three-day weekend. A friend’s coming in from Los Angeles, I have some Deadwood to watch, Karaoke Underground returns from a Midwest tour, and apparently Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner. In honor of all this, some clips to accompany your cocoa. Throw on your favorite sweater, rip a copy of the Cocteau Twins’ Victorialand, and enjoy. Feel free to include suggestions in the comments section.


  1. Kathy

    Mia Doi Todd — love her. So terribly under-appreciated.

    Austin is having a snow day? St. Louis is having a snow… month. I think we still have snow left over from Christmas. And my city’s just as ill-equipped to deal with it, despite being part of the Midwest.

  2. lhgarrison

    Love Mia Doi Todd.

    After about an hour outside shoveling/snow-blowing the front walk and the four-foot snow mountain that the street plows left at the end of our driveway earlier this week, I found myself singing Regina Spektor’s Blue… “blue lips! Blue veins! The color of our planet from far, far away…”

    • Alyx Vesey

      Good call with Regina, ma’am! Also, I’m sure the “snow” we got is cute compared to the winter Madison has had. 🙂

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