Happy Galentine’s Day!

I made a girlfriend a mix CD for Galentine’s Day. This was the reasonable thing to do when said friend made you an awesome batch of vegan Linzer cookies and a homemade card with Burberry hearts. I don’t want to disclose too many of the songs, because I made the mix especially for her. However, here are a few tracks I’m willing to share with ya’ll.

For all the lahhh-vuhhhs.

For promising introductions.

For the soldiers of love.

For those who know the best love is the kind you give yourself.


  1. TheBadassMuppet

    These are some great songs, Alyx! I still listen to Aaliyah and have always loved that Tweet song, but I’d never seen the video before. What a dancer! I remember Tweet in Seventeen magazine, vehemently denying “Oops” was about masturbation. (I didn’t believe it. I still don’t.)

    • Alyx Vesey

      I believe “Oops, Oh My” isn’t about masturbating about as much as I buy that Missy is straight. She’s always pinged my ‘dar, as they say.

      Also, I always associate the song with this oral interp class I took in college. It was a total blow-off course where we had to read things like Othello and Paradise Lost aloud. Anyway, we got to pick what to read in front of the class for our final. One person picked this song and performed it without so much as cracking a smile. For that he will always be my hero.

    • Alyx Vesey

      Haha! Yes. I should have included Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” but I didn’t include it on the original mix. But we all know that song is awesome.

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