My SXSW coverage for Bitch, in case you missed it

I hope you’ve been following Bitch’s coverage of the festival, because the staff and contributors wrote a lot of interesting commentary and reviews of panels, forthcoming movies, and other events. It was kind of weird to be so far away from my portion as it circulated last week, as I was out of town and pretty busy with school nerd stuff (more on that in a later post). I usually repost stuff as it goes live, but thought I’d handle this in digest form. I closed the festival with GayBiGayGay, but had a super-full Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (GRCA/Bitch day party, say what?), and Saturday. Check it out.

There’s still the matter of what to do with my interviews. I’m told that the one I did with M’Lady Records’ Veronica Ortuño will go live as a B-Sides post next week. For details, check in with Bitch. I’m also decompressing from my trip, but hope to be back up with new content in the near future. Much as I love the havoc the festival wreaks on the city and my ears, I’m looking forward to writing about something else. Thanks for your patience and keep reading.

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