Music Videos: What I’ve been watching lately

Had a lovely weekend tooling around Fredericksburg, visiting my grandparents’ old house in Ingram, climbing Enchanted Rock, and swimming in Krause Springs. Gettin’ in my Hill Country fare before I move to Wisconsin.

Replenished from my outdoors time with two of my favorite people, I thought I’d post a few new(ish) videos I like. Given the excellent commentary on Beyoncé and Rihanna’s new videos from Racialicious, the Crunk Feminist Collective, and Womanist Musings, I thought I’d just provide the links and say “preach!” However, here are some other new(ish) clips to get you talking.

Christeene (click on artist’s name to view the clip, as I can’t figure out how to embed Funny or Die videos)
“Workin’ on Grandma”
Directed by PJ Raval

The Juliettes
“Hooray You’re Gay”

“Alien Observer”
Directed by Hamish Parkinson

Nikko Gray
Love Seen
Directed by Holly Port

Les Nubians
Nü Revolution
Directed by Andrew Donsumnu

Thanks to Clutch Magazine for the last two. Like ’em almost as much Bene Viera’s piece on Kreayshawn, which you should read alongside this Crunk Feminists post if you haven’t already.


    • Alyx Vesey

      Wow, snark! You assume rightly that I have taste, fearandtrepidation. I also appreciate the Juliettes’ efforts–even if the It Gets Better project is hardly flawless–and had no problem supporting them here.

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