Check out my Queerly Texan mix for Homoground

Happy 4th of July, friends. May we celebrate this day by eating a lot of starches and encased meats (fake or otherwise) and drinking brewdogs. If Governor Perry allows Texans to light sparklers, I’ll raise one for you, me, my friend Ricky, and America. Maybe we’ll celebrate today by reading Frederick Douglass, questioning whether the term “patriot” is chauvinistic, or watching Robert Altman’s Nashville. I hope you do all of this while soaking in a kiddie pool on someone’s front lawn.

Also, I made a mix for Homoground and it’s up today. I had a blast doing it. All the songs are from Texas artists who are either queer or queer-friendly. Artists include Chainbow, Meat Joy, No Mas Bodas, Girl in a Coma, the Tuna Helpers, and Christeene, who is hosting a BBQ at Chain Drive tonight. The photo was taken from last month’s QueerBomb parade (my left arm and blue short sleeve are visible about three people deep on the lower left-hand corner; also, my friend Curran looks very fetching in his plaid shirt and white suspenders). A lifelong Texan, I move to Madison at the end of the month. I can think of no better tribute. Play it loud.

Thanks to Curran Nault for helping with this mix.

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