Check out my Bechdel Test Canon post on Water Lilies and Show Me Love for Bitch Magazine

Today’s entry is a double feature devoted to films about lesbian girlhood. You can catch Céline Sciamma Water Lilies and Lucas Moodysson’s Show Me Love on Instant. The original French and Swedish titles are way better (“octopuses” and “fucking” appear), though the American release of Moodysson’s film is named for Robyn’s hit. Let’s watch the Swedish pop star dance like the whole damn world is her Xanadu.

You can also stream Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence on Instant. Like the other two films, it’s about raising queer longing out of the subtextual realm. Yet it is very sad. It’s a great teaching aid to explain DADT, even though that’s not what the film is about. Reminds you what a long, strange film career David Bowie has had as an actor. And Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score lives up to its own reputation.

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