Things I’m doing that may matter to you

There seemed to be a lot of me floating around on the Internet over the past few days. I thought I’d write a brief post on that, as these things I’m doing or saying may matter to you. Maybe in doing so, the “I” can be about “us”.

-I was recently interviewed by Romantic Friendship, a great queer music podcast series. sashay and c-wag did an episode on the queer and feminist subtext of girl groups. Jacqueline Warwick and I were guests. Check it out. Thanks to Lynn at Homoground for recommending me after she did an interview with them.

-Shelley Seale at CultureMap also interviewed me for a brief feature on Austin music bloggers. Though I’m not based in Austin anymore, I thought I’d take the opportunity to plug an event I’m putting on with YoungCreature and Homoground.

-Which brings me to my final point. I worked with members of YoungCreature, Homoground, and many other talented people to put on Get Off the Internet. It’s an unofficial SXSW show that seeks to give greater visibility to queer and/or feminist artists and create a politicized communal space for queer folks, feminists, queer feminists, friends, and allies of every spectrum around music. It’s going down on Wednesday, 3/14 at Cheer Up Charlie’s from 12-6 p.m. I’m unbelievably proud to be a part of this. This was a real DIY group effort and we put together an amazing line-up. Even though I can’t be there physically (Madison’s spring break is in early April, I’m of limited financial means), I’m very much there in spirit. And I want you to be there physically. This was our first time working together on this kind of project. With the help of your wiggling booties, loud voices, and kind ears, maybe this can be a project we can develop and carry on in the future.


  1. Julia Hatamyar


    I am a female musician and am trying to put together a list of websites or press that I can notify about an upcoming feminist album to be released April/May 2012. I really like your blog and you seem to be supportive of independent artists, I know you are most likely incredibly busy but was hoping you might have some suggestions for me. I feel that women are more unlikely to promote themselves (we are supposed be so sweet and quiet all the time, right) and now that I’m comfortable putting myself out there I don’t know where to start.

    Thanks for your time and for your blog : )

  2. Sandie Wyles

    hi I am a female musician living in Scotland and write my own material as well as do a few covers…i have written a song inspired by those women who take to the road …it’s called ‘Truck Driving Woman’ and I hope you enjoy it
    really enjoyed reading your blog!

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