Check out my In Media Res post on Born in Flames

Last week was a whirl of wind. This week is whipping up quite a gust of air as well. But I don’t want any more days to pass without referring you all to a post I wrote for In Media Res. Wrapping up the site’s excellent week on hip-hop cinema, I curated a post on Lizzie Borden’s film Born in Flames in relation to Invincible, Jean Grae, and Tamar-kali’s tour of same name. Do check it out.

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  1. lml885

    Just wanted to say I appreciate your blog. I am an M.I.A. fan, and was searching for the worlds “M.I.A., feminism” and came across your blog. I, too am a reader of Bitch magazine (although I recently submitted some writing I did to them and they rejected it.) I am also a Tori Amos and Nina Simone fan. I am currently going to The New School, and am in my last class, a feminism in television and film class. I struggle with being feminist and loving music in an industry that is not female friendly, and falling in love with a song where the tune is great but the lyrics are not female friendly either.

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