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  1. Kathy

    I’ve been a big fan of this show since its inception. RuPaul has done an amazing job of bringing the subculture of drag to the masses, though I wonder how much it’s becoming divorced from its origins. (There was an episode of Untucked this seasons where some of the older queens explained Stonewall to the younger ones.) I think, too, that while mainstream TV is open — or becoming more open — to LGBT representation, it’s focus has always been on the “right kind of gay,” i.e. the ones “just like us.” So to see drag performers — as an art, not as a joke — on TV is a pretty big deal.

    Now the problematic stuff:

    Yeah, there’s a fair amount of hipster racism that I wish were addressed more often (or at all). Raja wore a wore bonnet for a challenge, too, I know Sharon was a popular cast member, but she’s done or said a few things even before the racist Facebook post, or the swastikas that gave me pause, like festooning feathers “inspired by the plight of the American Indian” to a stiletto during one challenge, and when cutting hip pads, saying something like “when making your ass, always think of the shape of Africa.” Just.. ugh. Then there’s the casual use of the “T-word” that’s been thrown around all four seasons. Ru is unapologetic about this, by the way.

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