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Getting Kicks and Saving Face

A lot of me today. I posted a review of Girls Got Kicks for Scratched Vinyl this morning and my Bechdel Test Canon entry on Saving Face for Bitch just went live. To honor (or inadvertently counteract) GGK‘s spirit, I put on my radioactive pink Converses and went for a walk. Now I think Chantal Akerman, some reading, another visit to Old Love, and a cat nap are in order.

Check out my Bechdel Test Canon post on Made in Dagenham for Bitch Magazine

Worker’s rights, worker’s rights! I came back from a sad, heavy New Year’s Day with a post on Made In Dagenham. Bump some Desmond Dekker and buck the system. I’m pretty sure I’m going to follow it up with Darnell Martin’s I Like I Like That on Friday.

Check out my Bechdel Test Canon post on Set It Off for Bitch Magazine

Yesterday, I got back from a too-short trip to Houston and Austin. It’s snowing in Madison, I think for real this time. I watched Made In Dagenham last night and will probably see I Like It Like That or Me Without You (or both!) tonight. I even requested that the UW-Madison library system acquire a copy of Julie Dash’s Illusions through Women Make Movies. So you know what that means. More Bechdel Test Canon fodder. I returned from a brief hiatus later today with a post on Set It Off. Apparently a reader watched it for extra credit for a Sociology class, which rules. Anyway, enjoy.