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Making Hrrrstory

So I just got off the phone with a colleague’s student who’s doing a ‘zine project on feminism and music. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to start your day talking about riot grrrl with a teenage girl.

I teach music history workshops with Girls Rock Camp out of an investment with creating a space for girls to recognize that they are entering into an ongoing history of women and girls coming together to make music. In addition, there’s some important historical moments happening right now. So I thought I’d acknowledge this in song form with a quick post.

First, a few videos from Wild Flag, EMA, and Cher Horowitz, a few acts that I think represent riot grrrl’s legacy.

Next, a tip of the tiara to my Queerbomb brothers and sisters, who took to the streets this past weekend. I recently made a mix CD for our discussion of Judith Halberstam’s In a Queer Time and Place for my cultural theory seminar, and a number of the selections were the influence of Queerbomb participants, along with Homoground and Expatriarch‘s stellar efforts. Let’s shine a light on Katastrophe, Girl in a Coma, and Miz Korona.

Looking toward the future, I’ll honor some girls in my life. Some of my friends are moms, which is tremendously important work. A lot of them are moms to boys, which is very important, since men who love, respect, and honor women usually have women who taught them that (along with the men who love, respect, honor women–some of my best friends are dads too). All of my love goes out to Sylvan, Will, Declan, Max, and Noah and the parents who are raising them to be good people. But a few girls in my life were recently brought into the world or had a birthday. So let’s honor that with some songs by Kate Bush, Norah Jones, Rosie Flores, and Little Eva–women who share their names.

And finally, tomorrow is Wisconsin’s recall election. This is serious business. I’ll be casting my vote and holding hope for a better future. YACHT, Lady Kier, and Invincible will keep me cautiously optimistic.

Things I’m doing that may matter to you

There seemed to be a lot of me floating around on the Internet over the past few days. I thought I’d write a brief post on that, as these things I’m doing or saying may matter to you. Maybe in doing so, the “I” can be about “us”.

-I was recently interviewed by Romantic Friendship, a great queer music podcast series. sashay and c-wag did an episode on the queer and feminist subtext of girl groups. Jacqueline Warwick and I were guests. Check it out. Thanks to Lynn at Homoground for recommending me after she did an interview with them.

-Shelley Seale at CultureMap also interviewed me for a brief feature on Austin music bloggers. Though I’m not based in Austin anymore, I thought I’d take the opportunity to plug an event I’m putting on with YoungCreature and Homoground.

-Which brings me to my final point. I worked with members of YoungCreature, Homoground, and many other talented people to put on Get Off the Internet. It’s an unofficial SXSW show that seeks to give greater visibility to queer and/or feminist artists and create a politicized communal space for queer folks, feminists, queer feminists, friends, and allies of every spectrum around music. It’s going down on Wednesday, 3/14 at Cheer Up Charlie’s from 12-6 p.m. I’m unbelievably proud to be a part of this. This was a real DIY group effort and we put together an amazing line-up. Even though I can’t be there physically (Madison’s spring break is in early April, I’m of limited financial means), I’m very much there in spirit. And I want you to be there physically. This was our first time working together on this kind of project. With the help of your wiggling booties, loud voices, and kind ears, maybe this can be a project we can develop and carry on in the future.

Check out my new Homoground mix

Hey hey, friends. I’m getting ready to learn how to be a TA this week. It’s a regular crash course in science, specifically the science of teaching undergrads how to speak in public. In the meantime, I’ll direct your attention toward “Queerly Romantic,” another Homoground mix I put together. Notice the G.B. Jones cover art as you clutch your aching heart.

I heart Punk Start My Heart

Welcome back, everyone. It’s bananas to me that it’s been so long since I posted. I recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin (a week before the recall election–w00t, Jennifer Schilling and Jessica King). I have spent the last couple weeks getting my home in order, showing parents around town, adjusting to my new jogging route, having my picture taken for various identification cards, opening a checking account, procuring a winter coat that may or may not make me look like Mr. Hanky come winter time, catching up on some writing, and squeezing in the odd game of Rock Band or dinner with friends. In other words, I’ve been busy crossing things off lists. It’s nice to finally have enough of a routine down to blog.

One thing I love about blogging is that you can take a blog anywhere and it informs your perspective. I believe in using posts to articulate civic pride, even and especially when that pride is shaken. I wrote as an Austin blogger for the past few years and fully intend to throw myself into the community. I’m even more excited to help build on that community and collaborate with folks in and outside of Madison. And actually, I’m putting the finishing touches on a post about a certain Wisconsinan indie rocker that I plan to publish tomorrow. But tonight, I’m going to shine a light on Portland.

I know, I know–I gave Portlandia a hard time. I’ve yet to officially visit the city beyond its airport terminal, but I’m excited to make the trip now that that three close girlfriends live there. One of them is interning with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and is helping put on Summer Brews for the Right to Choose. If you’re in the area this Saturday, you should go and do a little dancing and bid on some art and prizes from local businesses.

A few days before I left Austin, Jen at Punk Start My Heart Records sent me an email after I posted the label’s great Homoground mix on the blog’s Facebook page. PSMH is a Portland-based feminist, queer-positive record label. It started as a booking collective that grew into a music festival that’s currently raising money to press its first three releases. If this sounds familiar to you, Bitch and some other sites wrote about the Kickstarter effort earlier. Jen wanted me to help spread the word. And even though it’s a bit late in the game, there’s really no such thing as “too late” with DIY media fundraising. You still have eight days left to donate, get some cool swag, and invest in a scene that honors musical contributions from queer and/or feminist artists like Forever, Fucking Lesbian Bitches, and NO/HO/MO. It’s definitely a future I want to live in. Plus they’re re-releasing Fagatron’s 7″. As incentive, “ASSKICKATHON”. Enjoy!

Check out my Queerly Texan mix for Homoground

Happy 4th of July, friends. May we celebrate this day by eating a lot of starches and encased meats (fake or otherwise) and drinking brewdogs. If Governor Perry allows Texans to light sparklers, I’ll raise one for you, me, my friend Ricky, and America. Maybe we’ll celebrate today by reading Frederick Douglass, questioning whether the term “patriot” is chauvinistic, or watching Robert Altman’s Nashville. I hope you do all of this while soaking in a kiddie pool on someone’s front lawn.

Also, I made a mix for Homoground and it’s up today. I had a blast doing it. All the songs are from Texas artists who are either queer or queer-friendly. Artists include Chainbow, Meat Joy, No Mas Bodas, Girl in a Coma, the Tuna Helpers, and Christeene, who is hosting a BBQ at Chain Drive tonight. The photo was taken from last month’s QueerBomb parade (my left arm and blue short sleeve are visible about three people deep on the lower left-hand corner; also, my friend Curran looks very fetching in his plaid shirt and white suspenders). A lifelong Texan, I move to Madison at the end of the month. I can think of no better tribute. Play it loud.

Thanks to Curran Nault for helping with this mix.

Check out Agent Ribbons’ new music video

Hello, friends. It’s Memorial Day and I hope you’re maxing and relaxing. I don’t often plug things, but I’m a fan of Austin-based group Agent Ribbons. In point of fact, I’m currently putting together a set of songs by Texas artists for Homoground with them on it. There’s also an excellent chance I will include them in an epic mix I’m compiling for a friend who’s moving back to Portland. So in between your time at brunch or a watering hole or a movie theater or wherever you’ll be spending your time today, I hope you check out Agent Ribbons’ new music video for “That’s Not Edgar’s Heart,” directed by Ryan McCoy.